Why yes. Yes, you can!

If what you’re looking for is a pretty but static environment map and you have no need for the real-time rendering capabilities of this asset (perhaps you don’t need to fly around the galaxy? …as if anyone would not, given the opportunity!), you can just position your camera, set your parameters and take a snapshot.

There is now a script included with the project called EnvironmentMapExport. It is attached to the DirectRenderingCamera prefab already, and available to try out in the Demo scene.

Here are the parameters that are available:

Current Environment Map Type

Choose between Cube Map and Six Sided Separated. The former exports a single cube map file (T-layout) and the latter exports the six cube sides of the environment map to separate files. Use this option if your resolution requirements are high.

Default: Cube Map

Current Target Resolution

Defines what resolution, in pixels, is used in the export. This refers to the square resolution of any files that is exported.

Default: 512

Relative Output Path

Defines where to output the exported environment map files. This path is relative to the project’s root Assets/ path. The default is chosen as such simply to avoid the long time it takes Unity to reload textures at high resolution if you export multiple times looking for the best shot. Can be any path where Unity has write access.

Default: ”../export”